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A literary boutique celebrating readers, writers, and the pages between us.

V. Jolene Miller loves books. She has since she was a kid. Back then, she took a book everywhere she went and at night stayed up reading by the glow of a flashlight. The Trixie Belden series won her over and for years, Miller painstakingly collected all of the mysteries about Trixie and the gang. When Miller was in junior high, she knew she wanted to be a writer, but didn't know how to accomplish that goal. Now, she has an MFA, has written a few books of her own, and has decided to share her love of a good book with others. Welcome to Author's Ink. 

In late 2018 during a simple trip to Seattle, Victoria came across a paper store. You know the type--pretty notebooks, funky writing utensils, and quirky bookmarks. Naturally, she ventured in and with much restraint, picked out only a pencil, an almond shaped eraser, and a small box of cards. On the way back to the hotel, it hit her. Bethel, Alaska needs something like that! A shop for the introverted (and extroverted) book lovers. The kind of place where people can pour over literary postcards until they find the perfect one (or dozen). A boutique where people can find their next favorite book. With that thought in mind, Author’s Ink found its purpose. A one woman literary boutique celebrating readers, writers, and the pages between us serving Bethel, southwest Alaska, and other places along the way through various adventurous travels.

The problem? In this area of the country, prices are sky high, what with no connecting roads and the cost of shipping or barging something here. That means a full brick-n-mortar store isn’t (yet) within the reach of Author’s Ink. <insert sad face>

The solution? Author’s Ink is a pop-up shop. Every month at Bethel’s Saturday Market, Author’s Ink “pops up” with a variety of new and used books and literary novelties for sale. That’s right, a variety of genres*, authors (traditionally published and indie published), all kinds of quirky postcards, pretty notebooks, and anything else that catches Victoria's eye that she just has to share with her fellow book nerds. And, in December 2019, Author’s Ink became THE FIRST pop-up shop to partner with Storiarts**! Exciting, right? And, since books go great with a snack, Author’s Ink offers FREE mini cupcakes at every shop.

If you’re in Bethel, come visit us at Saturday Market. You can find the market dates on our events calendar. Have a cupcake, chat with Victoria about your favorite books, favorite authors, and maybe even find a new favorite book in the process. If you can't make it, peruse the collection of books and journals available for purchase from AmazonYou can check out Victoria's book reviews here

To learn more about Victoria and her author journey, check out her author website.

*In an effort to be kid/family friendly, Author’s Ink does not carry books in the erotica genre or titles with swear words in them.

**Storiarts products are only sold at the pop-up events and not available in Author’s Ink online inventory.

Celebrating readers, writers, and the pages between us.

Author's Ink: located in Alaska, United States