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When I started my writing journey, I had no idea I'd write a series. Of course, I also had no idea I'd end up a mental health therapist living in remote Alaska in a region filled with so much hurt. The Calricaraq series doesn't start in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta, but it does end there after taking a rather circuitous route from the Midwest to San Francisco to the small village of Hooper Bay and finally to it's place of origin: Adak, Alaska. 

Calricaraq is the Yup'ik word for healthy living. No, this series isn't about finding the proper diet or getting in your cardio. Though, in a way, it is about heart health. The Calricaraq series is about emotional health, more specifically Starr Randel's journey toward emotional health. After all, as a mental health therapist, she dedicates her time to helping others find the sweet spot in their lives. Starr believes in Calricaraq, but struggles to find that balance for herself. 

What started as a single debut novel that took years to write is now a series. So, settle in and meet Starr. She goes from supporting character to the main character as the series develops with twists and turns she never saw coming. Along the way, take a moral inventory, and ask yourself, are you living healthy?

soaring alone

Victoria's debut novel Soaring Alone is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback versions! (You can get your copy here.) With a fabulous new makeover it's still Rachel's story, just a prettier version. Want a signed copy? Purchase yours at the local Saturday Market (see calendar for dates) or purchase one from Author's Ink Literary Boutique and request your copy be shipped straight to your door!

Soaring Alone:

Looking in, Rachel James has everything a woman could want. Yet she's plagued with feelings of insecurity and invisibility that have bothered her since childhood. The ultimatum her husband gave her before their son was born adds to her frustration. When the FBI shows up and throws a wrench into the life she's barely living, Rachel has to make choices. The family who raised her? Other this other one she's only just met? Thankfully, she has a devoted husband...assuming he can forgive the past she never told him about.

In Soaring Alone Starr Randel is a supporting character. Her goal is to help her clients, specifically Rachel James, find her way in life. A typical goal for a therapist, yes? What people may not realize is their therapist has bad days too. Find out more in book 2 of this series when Starr Randel goes from being the supporting character to the main character...

shooting sdax

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Shooting Sdax:

The first time Starr cut herself, it was an accident. Now it’s her vice—the only way to quiet the petulant demands from her wounded inner child. Bad day at work? Another argument with her boyfriend? She slices into her skin with the precision of a plastic surgeon. Everyday weapons are easy to come by and so are the cover-ups. First a razor blade fresh from its package or a sliver of glass, then a chunky bracelet or two dozen bangles—the actions and accessories pair nicely with Oliveros and wine. Self-mutilation isn’t a proper coping skill for a mental health professional, but it quiets the voice inside her, blurring the image Starr doesn’t want to see. For a little while at least. Then Starr’s boyfriend leaves for the mission field and two of her clients spiral out of control. One runs away and the other twists his therapy sessions into a drama that prevents Starr from seeing the delusions he can hardly control. Starr’s wounded inner child envisions a party, complete with princess dress and chocolate cupcakes. She pictures a clean, white coffin with a satin pillow to rest her weary head. She beckons Starr to see it too. Shooting Sdax is A Beautiful Mind with a touch of Caroline Kepnes’ You.

Starring Alaska

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Starring Alaska

Starr Randel is a mental health therapist who tried to kill herself and her boyfriend wants to help--if she’ll let him. But how can she trust a man who walked out on her? A man with secrets of her own? At a loss, Starr buries herself in a stack of letters written by her late grandmother. “Dear John, I lost my virginity on the floor of Adak’s mess hall. It was anti-climactic. Except for the screaming. Imagine that—my Navy uniform bunched around my hips and the hand of one of Castner’s Cutthroats pressed against my throat.”

A patient, her man, and a tramp. Their stories are an historical fiction account of a Navy nurse stationed on Adak Army Airfield and their journeys through historical trauma in search of healthy lives. Starring Alaska is M*A*S*H 4077 meets the last frontier.

Searching Self

Coming December 2020!


Searching Self

Searching Self is an interactive journal based on the concept of calricaraq (healthy living). A stand-alone journal that grew out of the writing of the Calricaraq series, Searching Self makes the perfect gift for you or someone you love.