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"Having Victoria beta read my book spurred me to be a better writer and definitely helped shape my WIP into a better novel. When she returned the document with comments, at the very top, she wrote out a summary/overall opinion, which highlighted areas that she liked, topics that needed work, and passages that fell flat or needed improvement. She was quick to point out the strengths, while not glossing over weaker areas. Her comments throughout the document read as if she were next to me giving commentary as she went through it. Straightforward, but never rude, the as-she-went comments gave me a feel for how the story might appeal to a reader, invaluable feedback. Victoria graciously offered to read through it again after I made changes if I wished her to do so. She patiently offered tips as I struggled through certain passages trying to make them as focused and captivating as they could be. I highly recommend Victoria."
~Pamela Humphrey, author of Finding Claire (Romantic Suspense, 72K)

Victoria Miller has been a part of FORREST almost from the beginning, when I asked her to beta read an early and very rough draft. Shortly after sending her the partial draft, I was ready to give up on the story. I was stuck and wasn’t sure I could move forward with it, even though I loved the characters and the story.

But, Victoria’s notes on the story and her interest in the story and the characters made it very hard to give up on. She made suggestions that moved them into a new direction and I learned why it wasn’t working before. Her words are always encouraging and helpful. 
Today, I’m still working on that story. Today, Victoria is right there asking about FORREST. She has been my cheerleader from that first horrible sentence. I’m lucky to have her a part of the team.

~Brandi Montenegro, author of Forrest (New Adult, 80K)