Beauty in Contrast - The Storm over Paris

Annotated Book Review Installment 1

Title: The Storm over Paris by William Ian Grubman

Topic: Beauty in Contrast

Page: 4

Have you read Grubman’s novel, The Storm over Paris? I’ll admit, I was intimidated by the cover. Renaissance paintings of the near-nude variety have a way of turning me into a blushing, know-nothing kind of reader. He’d hooked me with the prologue though and I knew I was going to read through to the end. Before we get to the meat of the story (in future installments), let’s explore the landscape, shall we?

~The envious night’s rain had dampened the ground, forcing Mori to dodge puddles on the gravel pathway beneath the blooming horse-chestnut trees....The wind kicked up, sending pink blossoms swirling, petals alighting in the muddied street beneath the wheels of cars, taxis, and German army transport trucks filled with soldiers.~

Wow. Give that another read, won’t you? I pictured Mori making his way through a dark, wet street when those blossoms swirled. It reminded me of a black/white painting with a splash of vivid red. Have you seen those? Aren’t they breathtaking? And then the mud and muck followed by the transport trucks with soldiers. My breath was stolen away again but not in a good way.

I read and re-read the paragraph multiple times just so I could revisit the pink swirling petals.

What are some of your favorite descriptions in books? What do you like to see in a setting?