Running Still

After a few days of thinking it over, I did it. I joined I struggled with the decision. I wanted to join, but let’s face it –I’ve been burned so many times by “friends” that the thought of putting myself out there wasn’t that appealing. I mean, I wanted to and I didn’t want to. But I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. I wasn’t thinking so much about the possibility of friendship or relationship building. Introverts like myself don’t really need that much interaction anyway. I was thinking about the bigger picture…the picture I’ve never given much thought to before. I can run. And walk. And jump. And move. And there are some people out there who can’t. I mean, I’ve known that before, but this time I started to know it in my heart. Then I got thinking about how I would feel if I couldn’t run or walk or jump or move. Then all I could think about was how blessed I am. So I signed up. I still run for me. For my health, for strength, for opportunities to have “me” time, to think about my writing, and for time with my silly puppy.

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