Change Me

I'm completely distracted. Since I signed up for I am distracted. Yesterday I ran four miles instead of the usual three because I was thinking about my future buddy. I’m sixteenth on the list for getting matched; much closer to a match than before because I switched to run for a sibling on Sunday night. Oftentimes siblings of a medically fragile child feel left out due to the amount of attention needed for their sibling. The whoirun4 group refers to these siblings as the “unsung heroes” and frankly, I couldn’t wait to be matched. My heart overflows every time I scroll through my newsfeed and see the positive, loving posts from runners and buddies. Maybe it’s impatience on my part for switching. Though when I was debating switching, I had a vivid childhood memory of my own time as a sibling to a medically fragile sister (she did recover from her illness, but it was a long two years for me as a three year old) and I knew I had to make the switch. But I’m down to number sixteenth as opposed to somewhere in the mid two-thousands on the waitlist. And I just can’t wait to be matched. I’ve been trying to figure out why this movement is speaking to me so strongly and I don’t really have an answer. This morning, as I scrolled past all the other posts in my newsfeed to read carefully all the runner/buddy ones, it occurred to me that the one constant in the runner/buddy posts is love, encouragement, kindness, happiness, joy, appreciation. Okay, there are a lot of constants. It’s possible that’s what’s speaking to me. These posts aren’t about politics, Facebook games, to-do lists, or complaints about work. They’re about real people doing things for real people out of the kindness of their hearts. Not that I’m trying to dictate what people should post about, after all, it’s your wall, do what you will with it. I know I do with mine. I think it’s just refreshing to see such an outpouring of love in a world s

o full of hate and anger. I’ve been telling others about this group. If they go for it, great. If they don’t, that’s fine too. All I know, is I’m number sixteen on the waitlist and I have a feeling this experience is going to change me. And not just physically.

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