Need a hug? Try a Harkla blanket!

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Casey Ames, owner of the Harkla company. I was honored to learn he had come across my (old) website and read my blog post about all my sleepless nights and the joy of having discovered the therapeutic qualities of a weighted blanket. He informed me that DreamCatchers where I’d gotten my blanket was no longer in business and asked if I would write a review for his company’s blanket.

I was happy to oblige…on the condition that his company donate one of their weighted blankets to a child who might benefit from one. Casey happily and quickly agreed.

The time it took from when we first connected via email to the time little Kynzie and Kellen (a dynamic sibling duo) received their blanket in the mail was approximately three weeks. I had the privilege of getting connected to Kynzie through the program where runners are matched with buddies. Kynzie and I were matched in the sibling group (go #teamomar).

Since early September, Kynzie and her big brother Kellen have been using the Harkla weighted blanket.

I’ve had my weighted blanket for almost two years and cannot say enough good things about it, so I was excited to chat with the kids’ mama (Heather) to find out how the kids are enjoying theirs. Here’s what she had to say:

Vickie: How cozy is the blanket?

Heather: Seriously, I am jealous! The minky is like a massive stuffy (stuffed animal). Most weighted blankets are kind of stiff.

Vickie: Is Kynzie sleeping better?

Heather: Unfortunately, it seems the problem is more separation anxiety. So WHEN I can get her in her bed, she falls asleep quickly now.

Vickie: How quickly does she fall asleep with the Harkla blanket?

Heather: She falls asleep about 3 times faster. It used to take up to an hour for her to fall asleep; now10-20 minutes.

Vickie: Do Kynzie or Kellen nap better or stay asleep longer with the weighted blanket?

Heather: Kellen does. He will nap with the blanket. He would rarely nap before.

Vickie: Is Kynzie calmer during the day after sleeping with the blanket?

Heather: When she uses it for longer times, yes. Sometimes in the evening, we have her snuggle under it before dinner to get her calm.

Vickie: More rested?

Heather: Some.

Vickie: Is Mommy sleeping better since Kynzie started using the blanket?

Heather: Yes! It gives longer times without her coming in [to our bedroom]. She says the blanket feels like a big hug.

Vickie: Has the blanket helped Kellen sleep better?

Heather: Yes! He has a more consistent sleep depth when using it.

Vickie: Does Kellen sleep longer?

Heather: Yes. He is now at about 11 hours a night. If he wakes in the night, we sneak in and steal it to help him settle.

Vickie: Does he fall asleep faster?

Heather: Yes! If he is sick and fighting sleep, we give him the blanket and he’s out.

Vickie: Have you tried washing the blanket?

Heather: Not yet. The kids are very careful with it and protective. I feel better with the clear washing instructions. It made me nervous to think of washing it. They both love the blanket.

Vickie: How would you describe the blanket’s durability?

Heather: So far it seems great! No pilling or pulls.

Vickie: What else do you have to say about the blanket?

Heather: Only thing that I would want to change is to have a way (button and loop?) inside the cover to attach the actual blanket to the cover. It is a fight every morning to shake it flat again.

If you know a child who has trouble sleeping or who might benefit from a weighted blanket, I encourage you to check out Harkla’s weighted blankets. Casey Ames has demonstrated his dedication to helping children who experience trouble sleeping by not only manufacturing a quality product, but by his willingness to donate a blanket to an adorable sibling set to get honest feedback about quality and performance of his product. If you know a child who needs a hug, check out Harkla. They make a weighted blanket that’s Kynzie and Kellen (and Mama) approved!

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