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Vagina hats or hidden figures?

Last night, I watched “Hidden Figures,” the movie about three intelligent, hard working, change making black women. They did it all. And they understood the concept of moving their cheese long before this book was ever written.

I did not participate in any women’s marches that took place shortly after the 2017 election. I did not wear a pink hat on my head. In fact, I had to ask what the pink hat was all about I do not consider myself a “nasty woman” and cringe when I hear women refer to themselves as such.

On the day women marched, I exercised my rights. I did homework for the master’s degree I’m pursuing. I cleaned the house I’m blessed to co-own with my husband (and the bank). I went running with my dog. Did you know there was a time long ago when women weren’t allowed to run in organized races? And I worked my on call shift (in a field predominately flooded with men) with pride.

Did I move mountains that day for women’s rights? I like to think I did, by serving and living by example

Mind you, I’m not trying to widen the divide among humanity. This little blog post is way late in the political game anyway. Besides, I don’t believe one gender is better than the other. We all have unique talents. I’m not a die hard Trump fan, nor am I a Hilary supporter. (Though I was in awe to see a woman’s name on the election ballet.) I don’t think one race is better than another. I’m as mixed breed as they come.

I do believe that if we want to see change, we have to be change. And the change we are can be positive or negative. Are we going to name call or show respect? Are we going to degrade ourselves or stand tall, proud of who we are? When we lead by example, what kind of example will we be?

Katherine Goble Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson weren’t happy with society’s view of them. They were downright angry at times. But they used that anger to better themselves, to prove themselves in a white, male dominated field. Was it hard? It sure looked hard to me. Did they quit? No. Did they call themselves “colored women” in a derogatory fashion since other folks were? Not once.

Instead, these women moved science forward. They moved the Negro race forward. They moved women’s rights forward. They moved a nation forward. And they made these moves by taking one step at a time with respect for themselves and for all mankind. They moved with grace and dignity and class.

If you haven’t watched Hidden Figures, I encourage you to do so. Let Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary encourage and inspire you. Let them dare you to be a classy woman who raises classy daughters, nieces, and granddaughters…all of whom can change the world.

#Hiddenfigures #womensrights #science #space #movies #civilrights #classywomen

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