Sons of Steel & Diabetes Awareness

November is National Diabetes Awareness month and there are some things you might not know about Sons of Steel, my collection of short stories about the Jones family.

1. The idea for this collection was inspired by a silver dollar coin, my late uncle, and the concept of redemption.

2. The coin was given to my mother by her father who died shortly after I was born. I have no memory of my grandfather, but have carried this coin around for years.

3. I was supposed to be a bicentennial baby, which is why the coin was saved for me...I guess it is a bicentennial coin.

4. I wasn't a bicentennial baby, but got to keep the coin anyway.

5. My late uncle was a man I only met a few times.

6. He died when I was 14 and I was devastated.

7. My late uncle was blind.

8. He had diabetes.

9. My late uncle was an amazing baker...and he is the inspiration behind Lee's character.

10. In honor of my late uncle, Alan Butler, whose life (and death) had a lasting impact on me ALL proceeds of the sale of Sons of Steel (e-book and paperback) during the month of November will go toward diabetes awareness.

#SonsofSteel #Diabetesawareness #diabetes #inspiration #dirtyrealism #family

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