The 365 Challenge...Day 2

Okay, so it's a shiny new year and people everywhere are making resolutions or goals about what they want to accomplish this year. Including yours truly. One thing I've done in preparation of this new year is join the 10 Minute Novelists sub-group, the 365 Challenge.

The 365 Challenge is closed group where members strive to make writing a daily habit. Or, if not daily, at least more of a habit than they had in the past. Think NaNoWriMo, but all year long. And with a fancy spreadsheet for tracking.

Anyway, I joined this year. Here, on day 2, I've got how many words? Well, whatever you see typed here so far. Yesterday, I spent 5 hours working on revisions for the sequel to Soaring Alone. While editing counts for the 365 Challenge, I had hoped to have logged some new words too. See, I've got about 6 projects lined up on my project board that I want to complete this year. As you can see, I'm blogging instead of actually working on those projects. #ProcrastinateMuch

Part of the issue is I get tunnel vision and can only see the project I'm actively working on. In this case, revisions for that sequel. I plan to work on it more this evening and tomorrow and the next day. My self-imposed deadline for completion: January 14th. Because on January 15th, I've got a whole other project to work on.

So, here are my three, most focused writing goals for 2019:

1. Complete that sequel (As in done, done. Finished. Ready for querying.)

2. Take that sequel and adapt it into a screenplay

3. Write a full draft of a short story collection that I dreamed up back in November

Okay, and 1 more goal for good measure. And because it's the January 15th project:

4. Apply for (and get) a grant I've been coveting for a couple of years now (and am finally eligible to apply for now that I'm done with school)

#writer #NanoWriMo #10MinuteNovelists #challenge

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