Adak—A Rat’s Nest, A Love Nest

I’ve been to Adak. In my daydreams, via books, and in my imagination. It’s the place I’ve wanted to go since I was told rats have a tendency to gnaw on the bottoms of the airport doors. Yeah, making Adak my #1 vacation destination has been a goal since then. Yet I never knew why I was intrigued or what I would do once I got there.

Then I met Carl. Betty came along shortly after.

Do you know them?

I admit, we’re still getting to know one another. He was military. Unofficial. A member of the Alaska Territorial Guard (ATG). A legitimate member of Major "Muktuk" Marston’s army, responsible for protecting the Alaska border from the Japanese during World War II. He spoke softly and carried a big stick...a 2x4, to be exact. Not everyone got guns. He met Betty on Adak.

That‘s right. That tiny little island located 430 miles from Attu and 250 miles from Kiska, Adak was a great place to find love. Maybe like this place? (If you've been to Bethel, you're laughing so hard you're crying right now.) Back when a military base was erected almost overnight and Uncle Sam sent in teams of his finest to keep the enemy at bay. Soldiers, submarines, pilots, and nurses.

Betty reported for duty as a Navy nurse. A tough job that required women to be unmarried. A job where getting “pregnant without permission” could land a woman in jail or in court for a martial.

On Adak, Betty was on the hunt for hope. Hope that John would take her back. That maybe, just maybe, absence would make his heart grow fonder, and he’d forget all about Candace. A woman can dream, can’t she?

But war is a dangerous time. Love is elusive, even on an island. The love Betty imagined was elusive, anyway. Not for her lack of trying, mind you. She wrote to John regularly. She tried every trick in the book and found she couldn’t persuade him.

What’s a woman to do when the man she wants only wants another? Does she cozy up to a handsome Navy captain? Does she focus on her colleagues and build long lasting friendships? Or does she find love on the tundra? Perhaps out there, in a culture and a companion she didn’t expect to meet, she‘ll find true love. The question that remains, is will she survive it?

Starring Alaska is the final installment of the Calricaraq series. One woman’s family drama has turned into her therapist‘s story. Starr Randel can no longer rely on her therapy skills to remove herself from a pit of depression and suicidal ideation. Instead, she must take her wounded inner child on a journey back to the time and place where her family began.

The Calricaraq series is unique in that it will also include a journal. More about that in a future post.

Stay tuned for cover reveal...

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