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It seems like everyone has a plan on how to get to where you want to be. Train for that marathon. Use ads or don’t use ads to sell that book, those oils, your new Airbnb. Make a list. Set a schedule. Focus. Go wide or go narrow with your book sales. Write 1000 words a day. Write for 10 minutes a day. Write on alternate days at your desk and remaining days on your phone while sitting in traffic.

There is always “the way” to do the things you’re trying to accomplish. But is that way your way to success?

Right now I’m feeling tugged in multiple directions and it’s driving me batty. I have a list sitting on one side of me, coffee on the other, and my laptop on my lap (where else would it be, right?), I’ve gotten very little checked off that list considering the amount of determination I had to complete those items two days ago when I wrote it.


Maybe don’t relax to the point of dozing for several hours in a day, but definitely chill. When we’re hyped up to the point of being twirly, we’re not doing ourselves any good and you can bet, nothing is getting done.


What needs to be done first? And not the project that has to come first, but what’s the first task? The smaller you make those priorities, the faster you can check things off that list. So maybe the first task isn’t ‘write a blog post’ it’s ‘choose a topic to blog about’.

Third—build in breaks.

We need balance in our lives. That harmony between work and play has to be there or one of two things happen. We work too hard and burn out or we play too hard and never get anything done. So, pick some times for breaks. Did you come up with a blog topic? Great. Post a funny pic on your social media now. Then, get back to that post and write a paragraph or a sentence. A lot of little bits end up in a completed project. Plus, you can count that social media pic as advertising, so bam. Another thing off the list.

Fourth—keep your eye on the prize.

Honestly, this one has been hard for me the last few days. My goal is a hefty, long term, life changing kind of goal. A real doozy if ever there was one. Most days, it’s hard to believe that I can get to it, much less get to it using what little skill I have. However, keeping that prize in mind, has helped me carve out a few more words, rework my ad campaigns, and even write this blog post. I may not be able to climb a mountain in a day, but I can take a few steps in that direction every day until I do. So make a chart, write down your goal, create a vision board, find an accountability buddy, whatever it takes – zero in on that prize and find your drive to get there.

Fifth—put positive affirmations on repeat.

Not everyone you meet is going to care about your goals. You aren’t always going to have a stand full of cheerleaders. You will, on the other hand, pick up a merry band of haters, jealous folks, and mockers along the way. In order to keep up your courage and your momentum, you will have to be your biggest cheerleader. Affirm yourself and then reaffirm yourself again and again and again. Let the haters hate, but don’t let them throw you off course completely. You are good enough, strong enough, and you will get there.

I know what you’re thinking – she started this post talking about everyone else’s plan for success and here she went and wrote a plan for success. Yep and yep. When I started this post, I was feeling sluggish and tired. I had just read about other writers and how they went from $0 to $1,000+ and how they did it. I read about people running 10 and 20 miles in one outing. All while I sat here thinking about how tired I am and how unmotivated I feel about getting in some training miles (Alyeska Climbathon is in 13 days!), how writing book 3 in the Calricaraq series is going so much slower than I’d like it to, and how I need more content available to my readers, but the words just aren’t flowing. Yet these other strategies I’m seeing employed only make me more stressed instead of less.

Now, I’m feeling calmer. I’ve got the blog post written (one of the things on that list to my right), and I feel better about how to organize my day to both accomplish my goals and get much needed rest. I also have a new idea about how to make my behemoth goal a little more manageable.

Is my list the way you should do things? Not necessarily. Maybe something I’ve written will help (I certainly hope so) or maybe it’s enough to remind you that it’s okay to do you. Know your goals, find your stride, breathe, take care of yourself. It’ll all get done, just not all at once.

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