Get Your FREE Copy of Soaring Alone!

Yep, you read that right. From June 15th through July 15th, Soaring Alone, is available for FREE! Just click this link to get the details on how to get your copy of my debut novel.

Did you know that Soaring Alone started as an idea I had as a kid? You know how it is. Kids don't tend to fit in with the "in" crowd and sometimes they don't fit in with their families.

Enter Rachel James. That's exactly how she feels--invisible, uncertain, scared to know what people might think if they really knew her. Then, she finds out the truth...that her life had been a lie. Now, even though she has a family of her own, she has to decide what family means to her. Will she stick it out with the family who raised her? Or will she choose to be part of the family she's just met? And what about her husband, Winston? Can he handle all the drama? Especially when he finds out part of the drama is contained in a secret Rachel's been hiding?

Furthermore, did you know Soaring Alone has morphed into part of a series? That's right, a childhood friend of mine asked for Starr's story. Starr Randel is a supporting character in Soaring Alone and frankly, I had no idea she had a story to tell. But she does and I'm more than halfway finished writing it.

So, definitely get your FREE copy of Soaring Alone because this fall, I'll be releasing Shooting Sdax, book 2 in a three book series called: Calricaraq or "Healthy Living." Check back soon for details on the Shooting Sdax cover reveal, pre-order opportunities, and release date.

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