Introducing Alex

I met Alex Ramirez a few years ago when I offered to read a book for a fellow writer. The first paragraph hooked me. The female character is scared and running. She ends up on Alex's doorstep. At that moment, all you can do is hope that things work out. Somehow.

Finding Claire was impossible to put down and has made it onto my list of favorite reads that I love to tell others about. I checked in with author Pam Humphrey to find out more about how Alex came into being.

[Author's Ink]: Is Alex a complete figment of your imagination? Or does he share qualities/similarities with someone you know in real life?

[Pam]: Alex is mostly a figment of my imagination. His physical appearance is inspired by guys in this part of Texas. Tall Latin guys with green eyes aren’t all that uncommon around here. Personality wise, I didn’t base him on any one person. But what’s not to love about a tall, smart, protective guy? I might know someone like that.

But when I first started, I had trouble creating the lead guy in the story. I wrote the first few chapters and scrapped them. When I ran across the common advice to write what you know, it clicked for me. I’d been researching the genealogy of my Ramirez family. So I decided that my character was Latin. Next, I worked on figuring out a name. When I stumbled on the name Alejandro (which according to means “defender or helper of mankind”) the character came to life, and Alex Ramirez was born.

[Author's Ink]: What draws you to the genre you write?

[Pam]: I stumbled into the story of Finding Claire. I never set out to write romantic suspense. On a family road trip as we drove through the Texas Hill Country, I looked out at the rugged terrain and thought - someone could get lost out here. That’s where the story started. I’d been doing research for my family tree, so genealogy became a part of the story. But I love anything with romance, so writing that was fun. Adding suspense adds another layer, and I enjoy that extra bit of tension. People react differently under stress, and it’s fun to have that play out in a novel. As Pamela Humphrey, I also write seasoned romance without the element of suspense. Falling in love isn’t limited to people in their 20s.

[Author's Ink]: If you have a writing alter ego can you tell us a bit about her?

[Pam]: Remi Carrington is a character in my seasoned romance series, Cheesecake, Margaritas, & Candlelight. It’s also my pen name. Remi writes sweet romance. If you like heartfelt romance with down-to-earth heroes, you’ll enjoy her stories. The 5th book in her Bluebonnets & Billionaires series releases July 18th. Each book is a standalone romance, but the stories are connected through the secondary characters.

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