Run For Your Life

I like this article. It's about why this woman runs. It's open and raw. Authentic is probably the best way to describe her story. It moves me, especially when I think about why I run.

My running journey started about four years ago. The mother of seven, only our youngest still lived at home. She was a senior in high school. We had a lot in common, her and I. We are quirky and odd in our own way. We like some of the same television series. We like animals. And for awhile, we spent quite a bit of free time together. But like all kids, she found her own way complete with her own activities and friends she wanted to spend time with. Her job kept her busy.

Meanwhile, my husband worked weekends.

Saturdays and Sundays were long and boring. I vegged out in front of the TV, binge watching shows that I wasn't even that interested in. Sometimes I wrote. Other times I read. Most of the time, I settled deeper and deeper into a funk that left me wondering how I was going to handle life when my daughter graduated and went off to college.

The thought of being an empty nester (a term I despise) curled in the fetal position because my "baby" had grown up was rather unpleasant. I had no desire to moon over my children's young adulthood as they launched into the world ready to experience their own adventures. No. Something had to change.

One Saturday, after a few hours of Say Yes to the Dress, I'd had enough. Enough moping around. Enough boredom. Enough ruminating on how everyone else was participating in life while I sat on the couch doing nothing. I got off the couch and left the house with the three things I had at my disposal. My cell phone, my shoes, and my dog.

Omar is a Belgian Malinois mix. Have you ever watched a YouTube video of a Malinois in training? Those dogs can run. Fast. I laced up my cheap Champion tennis shoes because I knew nothing about the importance of a good pair of running shoes and found the C25K app on my phone and we headed for the door.

Before that day in April, Omar and I had never ventured further than the front yard together. I'd also never voluntarily run for the joy of doing so. Never one to like being told what to do, I switched from the C25K app technique to what I call the telephone poll technique. I'd give myself a quick pep talk, take off at a slow jog, and not take a walk break until I reached the next poll. It worked and soon we were running 5ks in thirty minutes.

Some folks run for the love of it, for sport, or for competition. Sometimes, Omar and I run for those reasons too. Most of the time, we run for our health--emotional and physical. In September we're even stepping it up a notch and taking part in the Aleyska Climbathon with Team Ovary Achievers to raise awareness for GYN cancers. If you feel compelled to give to a good cause, consider Team Ovary Achievers.





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