The Dogs Days of Working from Home (WFH)

Tomorrow starts the beginning of my 4th week working from home. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan.

I prefer to compartmentalize my work and home life. Not just because it's neater that way, but because since I've been WFH, life's gotten increasingly stressful. How can I tell? Well, it just took me 3 minutes to remember the word "compartmentalize" and last week, almost twice as long to remember the term "pipe cleaner" while I was holding the blasted thing in my hand and making masks.

Yeah, WFH is not ideal.

I'm grateful though because I have a job when I know others don't right now. And, let's face it, when you WFH, every day is Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

With that in mind, here are Omar's dog days of WFH....

Don't mind the cat. Stanlie owns the place. She just prefers we pay the mortgage. Notice the shot where Omar is mean mugging her? Yeah, Stanlie's gotten pretty clingy lately and since I have yet to figure out how to train the cat off the furniture, she's the one snuggling with me while Omar's relegated to the green rug.

The Boston Terrier? She's not ours. Random little neighbor who found her way into the yard a couple of weeks ago. I called her Logan. I won't lie. Omar and I were relieved when Logan found her way back to her owners because she was a whiner! But a cutie, nonetheless.

Blue dress + silver slippers? That's from the one day I decided to dress up and "go to the office." Don't worry. It didn't last long. In fact, by lunch time, I changed into something much more comfy (favorite hoodie & leggings). I'm fine with being optimistic and grateful during times like these, but there's no sense in over doing it.

I'm not sure how things will go when I get to return to the office. Omar pitched a fit yesterday when I left the house to make a grocery run. You'd have thought she's never been home alone with the way she fussed and I was only gone about 40 minutes tops.

Anyway, that's life around here. It's #quarantineandWFH. It's #bringyourdogtowork. How are things going for you? Are you working from home? Or hardly working? (Much hugs to those who've been furloughed. And many hugs to those working in the field.)

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