sons of steel

Sons of Steel Cover.jpg

Sons of Steel is the story of the Jones family, the people they meet, and the events that unfold when they trade in their life in New Orleans for the steel mills of Gary, IN. Told from various points of view in linked stories, this collection explores the dirty reality of William Jones' life as a millrat and those who loved him.

This project was the bulk of my thesis at the University of Alaska Anchorage where I spent three years writing and revising Jack-Jack's story in order to obtain a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Literary Arts degree.


A novella paired with short stories, this collection started out as a novel and finished as a 2018 winner of a Jason Wenger Award for Excellence in Creative Writing. Here's what the judges had to say about Sons of Steel:

"The best way to read this collection is with callouses on the hands, sweat on the brow, and an ache in the back. The men, women, and children in these stories are so realistic that I can smell the 9-to-5 dripping off them, can feel the pain that their everyday brings, can understand the emotions they exude from the confines of a prison cell, from a mill, from a basketball court. The author brings real life into these stories."