A Florabama Love Story

This Florabama Love Story is officially in the works. I've got a working title, a few solid characters, and one of Save the Cat! beat sheets all filled out. All that's left? Writing it...one of these days it's going to be written and available in the literary boutique.

A Florabama Love Story:

Abilene is tired. She's tired of Chuck, her cousin Crystal's live-in fiance. She's tired of their tin can trailer house (just because it's a double-wide doesn't make it special). And she's tired of a life without travel and adventure and love. Since Bill left her and her Aunt RuthAnn passed away, Abilene has become owner/operator of RuthAnn's flower shop.


Sound quaint? It's not. It's nothing more than a rundown Flowerama in need of serious remodel and repair. Thankfully, RuthAnn left some money in the budget for sprucing up the place. But, she may have to rethink how to spend it when Chuck and Crystal give her their news...and the boot. Has it really come to this? With few options to choose from and enough money to only do one thing, Abilene is running out of time to make a decision.